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    Just sat here reminiscing.......


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    Just sat here reminiscing.......

    Post by Mucker1884 on Fri 09 Sep 2011, 7:22 pm

    .... about those bygone day's of family evening get-togethers, parlour games, and my particular favourite...... Poster of the fe**in' month!!! :whis:

    Still, I'm off on me jollies in a couple of day's so even if it was to make a comeback, it wouldn't be worth me nominating Ammy, as I won't be around for the vote-proper anyway. Shame really, as Ammy shone a little brighter than normal in August, imo, even by his higher than average standards.

    Happy day's them were..... happy day's!! ;)

    Barnstaple Ram

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    Re: Just sat here reminiscing.......

    Post by Barnstaple Ram on Fri 09 Sep 2011, 8:14 pm

    ne ne ne ne ne Confused :evil: :twisted: :ton: Finger

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