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    URL what it is and why you might use it

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    URL what it is and why you might use it

    Post by Moderation Team on Sun 07 Sep 2014, 7:54 am


    what it is and why you might use it

    • A URL is the web address of something that appears on the internet

    • You need to copy the URL if you want to post a picture or link to web page

    • You'll find the URL of the PAGE you're looking at in the address bar of your browser

    • To copy the URL of a PICTURE that you want to post, RIGHT click on the picture and,
      depending on your browser, LEFT click this option -
      . . . Chrome - Copy Image URL
      . . . Firefox - Copy Image Location
      . . . Internet Explorer - click Properties - then copy the Address (URL)
      . . . Opera - Copy Image Address
      . . . Safari - Copy Image Address



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