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    Lighten up - Edinburgh Festival Jokes


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    Lighten up - Edinburgh Festival Jokes

    Post by RRC on Tue 25 Aug 2015, 9:54 am

    Trying to lift the forum's current rather gloomy mood, here are
    this year's top ten jokes from the Edinburgh Festival -

    1: Darren Walsh: “I just deleted all the German names off my phone.
    It’s Hans-free.”

    2: Stewart Francis: “Kim Kardashian is saddled with a huge arse...
    but enough about Kanye West.”

    3: Adam Hess: “Surely every car is a people carrier?”

    4: Masai Graham: “What’s the difference between a ‘hippo’ and a ‘Zippo’?
    One is really heavy, the other is a little lighter.”

    5: Dave Green: “If I could take just one thing to a desert island
    I probably wouldn’t go.”

    6: Mark Nelson: “Jesus fed 5,000 people with two fishes and a loaf of bread.
    That’s not a miracle. That’s tapas.”

    7: Tom Parry: “Red sky at night. Shepherd’s delight. Blue sky at night. Day.”

    =8: Alun Cochrane: “The first time I met my wife, I knew she was a keeper.
    She was wearing massive gloves.”

    =8: Simon Munnery: “Clowns divorce. Custardy battle.”

    10: Grace The Child: “They’re always telling me to live my dreams.
    But I don’t want to be naked in an exam I haven’t revised for...”

    Thanks to The Independent


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    Re: Lighten up - Edinburgh Festival Jokes

    Post by rjrules71 on Tue 25 Aug 2015, 6:27 pm

    Barman :"we don't serve time travellers in here"

    A time traveller walks into a bar.

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