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    Thread titles and searching COYR


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    Thread titles and searching COYR

    Post by RRC on Mon 06 Jun 2016, 11:08 pm

    If you give you threads cryptic titles, it makes searching for them a problem.

    It's OK while the thread is recent and fresh in people's minds but not so later.

    By all means go on using witty names but please could you add a bit that gives
    us more of an idea what the thread's about, for example -

    Torn about the EU Referendum?

    Perhaps surprisingly we've had several threads just called 'torn'.
    Despite appearances to the contrary, we seem to be torn on several sujects.

    I've updated our site search (in the righthand column) with new code from Google.
    I hope that it will work better - and will be helped by clearer thread titles.

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