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    The next lamb to the slaughter?


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    Re: The next lamb to the slaughter?

    Post by SawleyRam on Wed 29 Jun 2016, 11:25 pm

    ShardlowSheep wrote:We need a manager who picks players on form rather than reputation and isn't scared to stand up to the media, is tactically astute and pick a style and formation and stick to it. Who fits the bill I do not know

    As did Sir Alf Ramsey when he exchanged the great Jimmy Greaves for Geoff Hurst in the semi final & final of the 1966 World Cup.

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    Re: The next lamb to the slaughter?

    Post by MadAmster on Thu 30 Jun 2016, 6:40 am

    Look at the Dutch at the last world cup. Due to injury and loss of form of players throughout the season with their clubs their manager changed tack. That man was Louis van Gaal. He changed from the famous Dutch 1-4-3-3 style where they play the game in their opponents half, to a 1-5-3-2 system that suited the players available and in form. They got to the Final and on the way beat Spain 5-1.

    We need a man like that.

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    Re: The next lamb to the slaughter?

    Post by Angus on Thu 30 Jun 2016, 8:22 am

    SawleyRam wrote:
    Angus wrote:
    SawleyRam wrote:Some of the names bandied around on here for the top managerial job in England are an insult to the greats of the past who had worked hard to achieve the pinnacle of management.

    Alf Ramsey, Joe Mercer, Don Revie (Like him or hate him), Ron Greenwood, Bobby Robson and Terry Venables all made England the team to beat in any competition with varying degrees of success. All had one thing in common; they had won trophies of all descriptions as manager of their respective clubs. They knew how to win when the going got tough.

    What have the nominees this time round got to offer?

    Gareth Southgate: Best achievement as manager in league 8th place in premiership (Middlesbrough) and losing finalist U21 European Championships 2015.

    Alan Shearer: Manager at Newcastle for a whole 8 games that ended in relegation and now he has put himself forward for the job? I suppose he thinks his punditry on Match of the Day now qualifies him.

    Rio Ferdinand: What a joke, zilch management experience. The only thing he can offer is to teach the players how to avoid drug tests.

    Gary Neville: Lasted four months as Valencia manager before being sacked, ‘nuff said.

    We have only 3 English managers in the Premiership in Alan Pardew, Big Sam and Eddie Howe.

    It all amounts to there are no viable English candidates for the England managers job.

    Pursuit of greed has been put before our national team by the powers that be in the Premiership, shame on them all.

    England have never been the team to beat in my lifetime, all those managers you list failed and so did football a football great in Capello.

    The Premier League greed hasn't helped the pool of players available to England but in times before that we even struggled to qualify for tournaments.

    Consistent failing goes deeper than England manager's and the culpability has to lie with the FA who despite their wealth have failed to provide a framework which produces enough quality footballers.

    You said "all those managers you list failed".

    Well Angus if perfection is your yardstick I suppose any manager who does not win everything they enter are failures then.

    The Alf Ramsey led England team won the World Cup in 1966. Was that a failure?

    Bobby Robson got us to the quarter finals for the World Cup in 1986 only to be cheated out of the semi finals by the "Hand Of God" in Mexico. On to Italy in 1990 and defeat in the semi final after the game went to penalties courtesy of misses by Pearce & Waddle.

    The rest of your post I cannot fault, but If you are calling Sir Alf & Sir Bobby failures I despair of any reasoned debate with you Angus.

    Clearly Ramsay didn't fail, so subsitute all for most, most of Robson's reign was an unhappy time, he went out on a high which was a massive shot in the arm for football in the country at the time, which was in the doldrums but most of his 8 years were pretty poor. 84 Euros he didn't qualify, we lost every game in 88, so he was hardly a roaring success and in that hand of god game we were comfortably second best.

    50 years the only major nation not to win anything, not even a final all the evidence stacks up pretty badly against the FA, whose lack of investment in the grass roots over decades has led to this total under performance.

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    Re: The next lamb to the slaughter?

    Post by thatguyfromderby on Thu 30 Jun 2016, 9:11 am

    Here's a damning stat for you: Since 1966, the World Cup final, England have only won SIX knock out games in tournaments (our last one was in 2006). In stark contrast, Germany since that same game have won SIX trophies.

    That shows the different trajectories our 2 countries have taken. The FA need to really sort out their house, because we're embarrassing right now.

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    Re: The next lamb to the slaughter?

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