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    Foxes axe Ranieri

    New England Ram

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    Re: Foxes axe Ranieri

    Post by New England Ram on Sun Feb 26, 2017 6:16 am

    bramhallram wrote:
    MadAmster wrote:..... on a different note..... let me take you back to 1975. Some small team in the East Midlands won the top flight in English football. Less than 18 months later, manager Dave Mackay was sacked when the board failed to give him a vote of confidence........

    Let he who hath never sinned cast the first stone.

    Actually, we sort of did it twice. Clough and Taylor only lasted about 18 months after winning the First Division title. OK, it was their decision to resign but they'd offered to do that before and the Board had always refused to accept.

    In October 1973 Longson wanted them out and was delighted to accept their resignations. Probably the worst decision in DCFC history.


    As bad as letting Mackay was us actually winning the league for the 2nd time wasn't actually a shock to the football world as we were recognized as a quality team back then thanks to Clough Taylor and Mackay and Anderson.
    Where as Fester have rarely done anything worth talking about in the football world..and all of a sudden beat every billionaire club out there to be champions of England only to sack the manager in charge in under 12 months..less than a season..
    Unprecedented stupid and classless move in my book..they deserve all the stones flying their way.


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    Re: Foxes axe Ranieri

    Post by rjrules71 on Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:46 pm

    3-1win v the pool

    Players power rules or not ???? Dunno

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