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    Left Back?


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    Left Back?

    Post by CornwallRam on Sat 08 Jul 2017, 10:40 am

    I wonder who is going to be our main left back next season?

    With Craig Forsyth coming back, he would seem to be the obvious candidate. However, I’m not totally convinced. Firstly, there has to be some doubts over his fitness. Two acl injuries on the same knee can’t be good news. Also, once he starts training and playing at full speed, he’s likely to pick up some secondary injuries.

    Yet my main concern over Forsyth is that he doesn’t suit playing as a traditional left back. I think he was a key player in McClaren’s 433, but played the position very unusually. In defence he tucked inside and pretty much played a left sided centre-back. He didn’t close down the runners and attempt to stop crosses coming over – presumably under McClaren/Simpson’s orders. In attack he galloped out and used his superb conditioning to function as a winger. His strength, speed, stamina, height and ability in the air made him the perfect fit for that role.

    I wonder what sort of left back that Rowett will want? Of course, there’s the possibility that Forsyth might actually play as a centre back, either in a two or a three. If Rowett does go with a back three, Fozzy might well be the wing back and he’d be OK in that role if his fitness held – although he has a weakness in preventing crosses coming over.

    If Rowett wants a traditional left back, then I believe that Forsyth will struggle. His natural inclination is to get forward and he’ll get caught out of position a lot. He also gets roasted by tricky wingers. I really do have my doubts about him as our main left back next season. So who else?

    Max Lowe could be the answer. He has shown great promise, although his quality also appears more in attack than defence. Yet he’s also proved to be our most injury prone player over the last two seasons and is still not back in full training. His injuries have not been acls or breaks – they are reoccurring strains and tears. I suspect that fitness will stop Lowe claiming the No. 3 shirt this season.

    Marcus Olsson is the next contender. The problem there is he’s not actually very good. Positionally he’s poor and struggles in the tackle. His crossing is mediocre and he’s weak in the air. I don’t think that Rowett will tolerate him for long.

    Anya just might feature as a left back – certainly if we go three at the back and Forsyth plays as a centre back. I can’t see him being the main No. 3 though.

    The man I expect to play there most often is Chris Baird. He won’t get forward, but he offers more solidity that any of the other contenders. I reckon that Rowett wants his defenders to defend and leave the attacking to the rest of the team. If that’s the case, we’ve got a surplus of unsuitable left backs…

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    Re: Left Back?

    Post by MadAmster on Sat 08 Jul 2017, 1:24 pm

    3 at the back would mean they were all surplus...... How about a back 3 of Wisdom, Davies and Forsyth?

    I don't like Olsson's over-reliance on his left peg. Up around the halfway line he will get the ball on his left with an opponent on him. Back to the sideline he could easily play a diagonal ball forwards to an advanced midfielder or an attacker who has dropped back. But, no, it is always back to a defender. Maybe sideways if he is feeling adventurous.

    Lowe is also an attacking minded player, as is Anya, the other possibility or LB or LWB.... unless we play Bryson there..... or JR?

    RWB? Bryson, JR, Baird, Anya (again).

    I wish I knew what GR intends to do. All guesswork at the mo.

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    Re: Left Back?

    Post by Jackal on Sat 08 Jul 2017, 2:31 pm

    I doubt Gary knows exactly what he's going to do either just yet. I can see most signings made being quite versatile. I believe Gary said when he took the job that he wanted the squad to be fluent in several formations depending on the opposition and players available. Not a bad thing so long as he makes sure every player knows exactly what they're doing in whatever position he plays them.

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    Re: Left Back?

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