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    Where will we finish?

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    Re: POLL VOTE Where will we finish?

    Post by SawleyRam on Thu 03 Aug 2017, 12:56 pm

    bramhallram wrote:Last season we scored fewer goals than any side in the top half of the table, and so far GR has sold our top scorer and failed to strengthen our attacking options. This may change before the end of the month, but right now I don't see any reason for wild optimism about the play offs. Top half looks a more likely bet.

    We look a bit better defensively, but defence wasn't our biggest problem last season. We need to create more chances for the striker(s) and it's hard to see anyone but Huddlestone providing the bullets.

    And then there's the decision to make Keogh captain...


    We did score fewer goals last season but it was the number of goals conceded that was the disappointment, hopefully that has been addressed this time around....... Afraid

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    Re: POLL VOTE Where will we finish?

    Post by RRC on Sun 06 Aug 2017, 7:51 am

    For what it's worth, Sky's Sports Predictor says Derby will finish 7th -

    Of the matches played so far, it got 7 results right and 4 wrong -

    How the predictor works

      Current date/time is Sun 20 Aug 2017, 3:18 am