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    What's the real problem?

    New England Ram

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    Re: What's the real problem?

    Post by New England Ram on Wed 30 Aug 2017, 12:58 pm

    Angus1 wrote:
    New England Ram wrote:Fans in the stands whose criticism of individual players borders on hatred does not help the problem what ever the problem is.
    Whilst the numbers have been consistently good the type of support is deteriorating rapidly and has a negative impact on the whole club imo.

    I think you are spot on with that, if we got the type of backing Sheffield United got on Saturday right from the off at PP it would help the players. Too many because we have spent some money in recent times and our published attendances are high expect success and moan like hell if we haven't created any chances in 5 minutes. Even in good times games normally start off tight at pro level, little patience, lot's of moaning.

    Agreed Angus even when we were champions there were moaners.
    I think it's been a lot worse since our horror 11pt season I think that combined with the " I'm entitled " society we seem to have created is part of the issue.


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    Re: What's the real problem?

    Post by DavesaRam on Wed 30 Aug 2017, 3:06 pm

    I think the answer is actually multi-faceted. The problems we are facing now may seem the same as those we have always faced, nut I beg to differ. I think the problems began to surface during the turning of Stevie Mac. Since then we have had a long list of managers, but in many ways the same squad, but with a few minor changes, and the major issue, I believe, is trying to get the squad playing for their manager.

    It actually first surfaced to just as the club moved Nigel Clough out of the way - remember the Ipswich game, where we went was it 3 or 4 nil down by half-time, while Steve was sat in the stands watching, and due to take over in the next game? He jumped the gun and went into the dressing room at half-time, and suddenly the team were playing out of their skins and took Ipswich to the cleaners. I was rather suspicious of that, and have always believed that they bummed out first half to demonstrate how they felt about the manner of Clough's sacking, which was by text. However, they did play for Steve during our purple patch, right up until the Newcastle seduction was at its height.

    I know that Chris Martin was injured for a period, but Mac's refusal to try a different approach was the start of the rot, but then we started to get these non-performances, followed by Martin's spasmodic returns, along with him being played out of position, and the team performances became totally disjointed. There were very strong reports from the training ground that Steve was nowhere to be seen during the week, with training being overseen by Simmo and his colleagues, but that Steve would then turn up on match days and introduce totally different tactics, almost as if it was a deliberate effort to disrupt team play. It would be a good explanation for the nosedive in form.

    We then got Clement's "bore the opposition to sleep then nip and score" tactics, and another nosedive in form in the New Year, which might have been to teams finding us out, but could just as easily have been the players saying "we've had enough of this tosh". Remember the cup game against Manure? We spent most of the game hiding in our own penalty area. with one sudden flash of brilliance, with George Thorne bursting forwards, giving the ball to Martin and carrying his run on into the box, with Martin plopping the ball right onto his path, without even looking up - Goal! Then back to the dross. I reckon point made, apart from the fact that Clement wasn't looking. Then we go another New YEar drop in form, which again defied all logic. And although we have splashed the cash, we still have the bulk of that squad, into which we have brought back the "known-to-be-disruptive" Shackell.

    There is the further dimension of squad quality. We are plenty good enough to get out of this division, if we could be arsed, but sadly, we don't seem to be. It is almost inevitable that if we got promoted, most of the squad wouldn't get a look in up in the Premiership, and would be moved on, so it is in their interests to make sure that we don't quite make it to the Promised Land.

    s regards the effect of criticism form fans: the overt criticism that has surfaced in the last year or so I think is to be expected. The players have actually enjoyed fantastic support, almost blindly uncritical, for years, but we have now had several years of incredible potential which has consistently been pissed into the wind, and ended up spraying all over the fans as their reward for being loyal. It is no surprise that their loyalty is beginning to wane. Week after week we have to watch these unbelievably rewarded players ponce about without having to bother about actually earning their rewards, when we ourselves would lose our jobs if we turned in sloppy performances as often as they do.

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    Re: What's the real problem?

    Post by rob on Wed 30 Aug 2017, 4:49 pm

    Great post Dave - cant argue with any of that. I am going to watch ice hockey for the first time in 10 years this weekend - cant justify spunking £100 to watch a load of overpaid underperforming tossers in a shite kit in a hostile atmosphere - I have fallen out of love with football - starting with the premiershite, then the golden generation (make our lot look like triers) then the joke that is FFP and the massive but expected mercenary - give a shit short term view (which the world seems to take) - but I will always follow the rams and if the reports were that we were giving 100% and were still mid table I would be tempted back - I am not a glory hunter - I would not be a rams supporter if I was

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    Re: What's the real problem?

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