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    Burton 3-1 Derby reports and comments


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    Re: Burton 3-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by valakari on Mon 16 Apr 2018, 7:29 pm

    Well we certainly didn't!..which was my point!

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    Re: Burton 3-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by DavesaRam on Mon 16 Apr 2018, 8:18 pm

    valakari wrote:Having to spell it out..Man Utd put a lot of energy into beating the league leaders then suffered in their next game. We put no effort into gifting the league leaders 3 points and after saving ourselves, got stuffed by the bottom team as Well!

    We also held back against Bolton, saving ourselves for the Wolves game, then didn't spend what we'd kept in the bank. So we've held back on the expenditure of energy and effort for three matches. Middlesborough had better watch out then. What for I have no idea, but they'd better watch out!

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    Re: Burton 3-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by MadAmster on Tue 17 Apr 2018, 8:06 am

    Me, aged 15 and unable to afford the trip to Derby to watch the Rams......

    Saturday morning 80 minutes Rugby for the school
    Saturday afternoon Burton and district League 1 football and occasionally 5th division if in the ressies that week.
    Sunday morning 90 minutes of rowing training on the Trent
    Sunday afternoon Burton Sunday afternoon League football, 3rd or 4th division

    No BS about the pro game being harder or faster please..... Even at U15 level the tackles go flying in and the rucks and mauls are way more physical than anything that happens in football. My year at school saw us have ten play for Staffordshire. 8 for the East Midlands. 6 for the Midlands. 3 got England trials and were likely to play the opening international of the age group season against Wales until the half back pairing both broke an elbow and the 2nd row broke a foot in the lead up to the game. Of the regular 15 only 1 didn't get a County trial....... guilty. I did get to captain the side twice though. First time the other 14 were at the trials and we played Notts High Pavement. Both sides unbeaten but now we had our ressies out...... and lost by one point. Post game they were rather lippy and would not believe that this was our 2nd team. I asked the master in charge to get us a return. His opposite number had listened to how OTT his lads had gone. He readily agreed. 3 or 4 weeks later...... I Captain the side a 2nd time except now it included all the County players...... We won 56-0 and gave NHP a lesson in how to celebrate in a refined fashion. No taunts, no big time Charlie antics, merely a broad smile, a handshake and a well done.

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    Re: Burton 3-1 Derby reports and comments

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