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    Rowett to Stoke? rumour comes up again

    Stockport Ram

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    Re: Rowett to Stoke? rumour comes up again

    Post by Stockport Ram on Thu 24 May 2018, 6:37 pm

    chicken wrote:
    Stockport Ram wrote:
    chicken wrote:
    Stockport Ram wrote:
    RRC wrote:
    SawleyRam wrote:
    MadAmster wrote:I am quite sure Sunderland had as much ambition as Stoke now have a year ago.......

    I think those of us "past a certain age" have to realise that these days it's only fans who have any loyalty to a club.

    And that loyalty is now waning in the quagmire of financial mis-management and "media soundbytes" from within the game that are designed to part us from our hard earned income. A payment to Tom Ince's mother of £700,000 pounds for "scouting duties" says it all. (and that is in the published accounts). Bang head

    Where was she scouting -- the Bahamas, Hawaii, the Maldives?

    It beggars belief that the owner signed off that payment - and others. Frustrated

    Perhaps....just perhaps.....he didn't.

    He didn’t.

    I just didn't fancy being sued Chicken ! Whistle

    Ooh I missed the question mark off my sentence.

    Love it ! Thumbs up

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    Re: Rowett to Stoke? rumour comes up again

    Post by swadieram on Thu 24 May 2018, 10:11 pm

    When the first Rowett to stoke kicked off , we understood Mel gave Rowett a revised contract with the penalty clause. Was this Mel thinking he would try again if we didn’t go up? and covering all options
    given the disappointment he must have had with recent managers, I would expect him to put himself in a position of limited exposure

    Any takers ?

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