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    The Times chief football writer Henry Winter on Lampard


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    The Times chief football writer Henry Winter on Lampard

    Post by RRC on Sun 03 Jun 2018, 10:31 am

    How did you feel Frank conducted himself in his first press conference?

    “He was as impressive as ever. I can remember him speaking at a football writers’ dinner about eight or
    nine years ago and he stood up and spoke for around 45 minutes about charity, about being in the
    ‘football bubble’, about hard work, about Chelsea and England and he just gets it. He can do it and he is
    just a natural when it comes to things like this. His education and everything around his family was
    football-orientated and the fans here will love him. He says all the right things and what particularly
    impressed me was just how much he knew about the club. Managers move around so much nowadays
    that you get the impression that they have just had a quick scan through Wikipedia, but Frank knew so
    much. He was looking at pictures on the walls and was naming the players from the ‘70s. His dad played
    during that period and it’s obvious that he had long conversations with him about this club. I always think
    that one-club cities have a unique feel anyway and I certainly feel that this club does. I think this is a
    great start for him. There will be scrutiny on him, but not too much pressure. My small experience with
    Derby supporters, whether on social media or from covering matches, is that they are very patient and
    thoughtful and want good football. That’s going to be an interesting balance for Frank Lampard during the
    season – balancing the need to get up with Lampard’s instinct, which will be to play attractive football.
    He’s so bright. He will do his research and I think he has definitely got a chance.”

    One of the things that has been spoken about a lot is his incredible work ethic. Is that something
    you have seen throughout his career and how will he transfer that to the dugout?

    “People look at Frank Lampard’s career and they will see a very photogenic guy, eloquent, they see him
    do his punditry, he has a glamourous wife and there’s always been that bit of glamour, Chelsea and
    pizzazz to Frank Lampard. Underpinning all of that, which people don’t realise, he has just got this
    incredible work ethic. He’s needed that from a young age. He was fat Frank, a chubby kid at West Ham,
    who was seen as the teacher’s pet. People asked whether he was only in the team because Harry
    Redknapp was his uncle and the number two was his father, Frank Lampard senior. He took a lot of stick
    from West Ham fans and it was pretty brutal. All of those comments people say about him being one of
    our own and we’ll give him a chance, Frank didn’t really get that. He had a lot of people supporting him,
    but, really, they did turn on him at times and Frank just proved them wrong as a young kid. I can
    remember one day that he turned up at the training ground and had bought athletics spikes, so he could
    improve his sprinting and you can see that paid dividends with how he became renowned for his runs into
    the box. After training, late at night, he was always famous for pounding the streets of Romford, running
    to get himself fitter and he just proved a lot of people wrong. In his autobiography, he made one or two
    comments about West Ham fans, but in a way, I thought that was good because it showed that their
    comments got to him. Everyone that has got to the top in this profession always had something to prove
    and they never stopped. If Frank has a win here, that joy will only last one hour, before he begins plotting
    the next victory. He is glamourous and looks a bit Hollywood, but he works so hard.”

    read the rest of the interview on DCFC official website


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    Re: The Times chief football writer Henry Winter on Lampard

    Post by MadAmster on Sun 03 Jun 2018, 1:41 pm

    The more one reads about the lad the more you start to think that mel may well have it right this time.

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