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    Derby's wage bill


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    Derby's wage bill

    Post by RRC on Mon 02 Jul 2018, 5:12 pm

    Some facts and figures on Derby's wage bill from a usually reliable source --

    Derby County’s 2016/17 financial results covered the second season since Mel Morris
    purchased the club. The authoritative Swiss Ramble has been giving his thoughts on
    them. He notes that, 'A review of Derby County finances is complicated by the structure,
    where a holding company, Sevco 5112 Ltd, owns The Derby County Football Club Ltd
    plus 3 new companies: Club DCFC Ltd (catering & hospitality), Stadia DCFC Ltd
    (commercial & sponsorship) and Derby County FC Academy Ltd.'

    The club's loss reduced by almost £7m from £14.7m to £7.9m, mainly due to £16m
    increase in profit on player sales to £16.2m, though revenue also rose £6.5m (29%)
    to £29.0m. The last time the Rams made money was 2008 (in the Premier League).
    Since then, they have had nine years of losses, amounting to £80m.

    The main reason for the Rams' revenue growth was the Premier League solidarity
    payment, up from £2.3m to £4.3m, which meant broadcasting income rose £2.3m (41%)
    from £5.6m to £7.9m. Commercial also rose £3.8m (44%) to £12.4m, while match
    receipts were up £0.4m (4%) to £8.7m.

    The club's £8m loss was the 10th highest in the Championship . . .

    Read the whole article at The Political Economy of Football

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