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    Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments


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    Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by RRC on Sat 18 Aug 2018, 5:18 pm

    Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone
    Bryson Johnson
    Josefzoon Mount Lawrence
    Roos Wisdom Forsyth (45) Evans Bennett (67) Nugent (67) Marriott

    Derby seemed keen to make things easy for Millwall from the start. Tuesday's hero Tomori
    was the culprit for the first goal by diving in with a silly foul to the right of the box. The
    Rams failed to deal with the resulting kick and Cooper made no mistake with his shot on
    7 minutes. Millwall's play was far more effective than Derby's, and another error, when Derby
    tried to play their way out of the congested box, led to the second goal on 20 minutes. The
    Rams defence looked very shaky and the midfield made few chances for the attack.

    Millwall played sensibly, pressing hard to blunt Derby's attacks and breaking forward quickly
    when they got the chance. Gregory, Morison and Saville had plenty of shots and Carson was
    kept busy. The Rams won six corners, which came to nothing, and their only shot on target,
    a 30-yard free kick by Lawrence, was saved. Derby are not good enough to over-play with
    slow, fancy football. Millwall's practical approach, doing the basics well, working hard, moving
    quickly and playing to their strengths, was an obect lesson for Derby. Learning to deal with
    set pieces and how to make their own corners productive should be a priority for the Rams.
    HT Millwall 2-0 Derby

    Forsyth replaced Malone at haf time. The second half began with Derby being more positive
    but Bryson missed a good chance. A good move by Johnson and Keogh allowed Waghorn to
    net but he was ruled marginally offside. Josefzoon had some joy against Meredith, Millwall's
    weakest defender, but the Rams attackers rarely gambled on getting to crosses first. Nugent
    and Bennett replaced Waghorn and Josefzoon on 67 minutes.

    In the last third of the game the home side settled for defending their lead, which gave Derby
    more space and time to attack. Fine passes by Johnson and Forsyth, and a dummy by Mount,
    set up Nugent to score in the right corner on 73 minutes. Saville could have replied for Millwall
    but his shot was wide from a couple of yards out. The Rams went all out for another goal and
    it was Millwall's turn to be hemmed in and forced to defend frantically. They brought on two
    substitutes to pack their midfield with five minutes to go. On their rare counter-attacks Millwall
    cut through Derby but they couldn't add to their lead.
    FT Millwall 2-1 Derby

    On balance Millwall probably deserved to win. As in recent seasons, Derby made their own
    problems with same old lethargic and naive play in the first half. In the end the Rams did
    make a real fight of it as the Millwall players were tirung, but their efforts were too late and
    not quite good enough. Lampard and Morris have a lot of work to do.


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    Re: Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by mcsilks on Sat 18 Aug 2018, 6:10 pm

    Lampard said in the build up to this game that we would have to match their intensity, their drive, their enthusiasm.

    Quite simply, we didn't.

    Individual errors led to their goals, but it was no more than Millwall deserved as we offered nothing going forward with a midfield that seems to be incapable of knowing what each other is doing.

    We looked threatening in the second half, but that was more due to Millwall sitting back and protecting what they had.

    At the moment, I just don't quite get what our new management team is trying to do. We have players, and have added players, that would best be served with a big strong target man, yet we bring in two smaller attacking players and our only real target man in Jerome is left out in the cold.

    Every side needs an individual or two. We seem to have more than our fair share, but it also appears that we have now decided to bring one in who plays as a central defender.

    To add to my list of questionable decisions made by the management team, we decide to take off a player who was getting some joy in Josefzoon.

    This result is no disgrace, but there are signs in our performances that will be of real concern to Lampard. Having watched the majority of our friendly games, and all of the four games we've played, I have simply no idea what our best starting 11 is. I cannot actually say with any degree of confidence who our best option is in any of the 10 outfield positions.

    It's very early days still, and us fans along with the management have the luxury of putting this season down to a 'transition' season if we fail to be competing at the upper echelons of this league; but with all what we have brought in; it's not quite the start that I was hoping for.

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    Re: Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by Mitten State Ram on Sat 18 Aug 2018, 6:10 pm

    RRC wrote:

    Derby are not good enough...

    Same old song.

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    Re: Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by DavesaRam on Sat 18 Aug 2018, 7:04 pm

    Millwall did a job on us because every time we tried to play it out from the back they put three players on the man with theball, making it hard to pass the ball. Sadly we didn't think to play it long from time to time so that Milwall didn't know what we were about to do. So our fre-flowing forward play wasn't allowed to get going, giving Millwall the upper hand in midfield.

    We started the match slower than a slow thing, and were second to the ball most of the time, having proved in pre-season that "getting in there" works. As we have proved many times in the past, only to stop doing it as soon as we have found out that it works. And it isn't just this seasson where we have been slow out of the blocks - it is a perennial problem. Even when we started well, we had always got a bag of torpor to drag on to the pitch for second half. It needs addressing NOW!!!

    The goals came from individual errors, probably through putting ourselves under pressure because of our lethargy. I was also baffled by Bryson apparently playing DM, when it is even less his game than it is Johnson, who was also DM. Why? Especially when we have signed Evans because he is a DM.

    On the upside, Frank did change things and we upped our game second half. Some say it was because Millwall began to sit back, and because they tired, but we were paying better for most of the second half, so there is progress. It was a good effort towards the end, but we left it too late and ran out of time.

    For goodness sake, come blasting out of the traps and get in the opposition's faces from the start of the game, not when it looks like we have already lost.

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    Re: Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by CornwallRam on Sat 18 Aug 2018, 7:05 pm

    We lost that game because Frank Lampard is a poor manager.

    He selected the wrong team and has recruited in a way that has failed to address weaknesses in the squad for his chosen system. He's then persisted with a system that he doesn't have the players to make work effectively - it's quite possible that he couldn't actually get the players he really wanted, but if that's the case he needs to vary the system to suit the players he actually has got. Loughie's 352 is a good shout, but 442 is statistically far more likely to achieve promotion.

    For 433 we need a target man, ultra fit full backs, a highly effective defensive midfielder and wide attackers capable of and willing to track back. Other than some glimpses of the old Craig Forsyth, we were lacking in all of those areas. Maybe when Martin gets fit or Jerome gets a start, Thorne gets resurrected or Evans proves to be a star, we can manage a decent showing, but none of the possible wide attackers look to have any defensive capabilities to me.

    Now is the time for Lampard to really prove my reservations wrong. At present he's just had a slightly shaky start, but it's by no means irredeemable. If he learns quickly he can turn things around in a week.

    Personally, I don't think he will. My prediction is that he'll persist with this system for three more games and get a point. Then he'll put it down to individual errors and insist on the players being more cautious. The attempts at pretty football will vanish and we'll be watching pointless and ineffective possession based tedium for a couple of months. The crowds will dwindle and Mel will pull the plug before Christmas, with 20,000 watching games and the Rams in the bottom six.

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    Re: Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by MadAmster on Sat 18 Aug 2018, 7:49 pm

    Too many 5 foot sixers is an issue IMO. FL has yet to work out what system to play. Today it was 1-4-2-3-1. Bryson is not DM

    Tomori had a shocker. Gave away a 7th minute free kick. Then let his man get ahead of him and he backheeled it into the net.

    Their 2nd was going yards wide and he diverted it past Carson.

    We had as many shots as they did. As many as they did on target. 10 corners to their 2. They gave away far more free kicks than we did. We also had 72% possession. We need to do more with the ball we have.

    1-3-5-2 might be the way forward, as Loughie said. We have both been pushing it for a while.
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    Mitten State Ram

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    Re: Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by Mitten State Ram on Sat 18 Aug 2018, 8:37 pm

    In happier news, things are worse for McJudas.

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    Re: Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by chicken on Sat 18 Aug 2018, 10:52 pm

    My son went to Millwall today. He sent me a text - “I’ve paid £100 to be there. I want to see some bottle. Not this lie down and die attitude that we’ve just got. No ones got any grit or bite. Why don’t they care? X”
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    Re: Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by New England Ram on Sun 19 Aug 2018, 3:37 am

    People raved about Tamori last week when his first 20 minutes helped put us in a hole.
    His first 35 minutes this week were even worse.
    Like I said during the first half if they are making life difficult for you to play out from the back...DONT.
    Totally missing a beast..a physical presence in midfield.
    Davies and Huddlestone are big losses...Davies is the leader and Huddlestone is still one of the best at playing us out of pressure with a simple pass.
    Totally agree I think we are screwed at 4-3-3...and i actually think we could turn out a solid and effective 4-4-2.
    Two massive home games..but bridge jumpers and wrist slashers are stirring and the never ending circle of self destruction is starting again..


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    Re: Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by outsider on Sun 19 Aug 2018, 9:05 am

    Keogh is getting the brunt of all critizm alot justified but all the ball was going through him as we passed back all time.... I would like to know stats on who completed most passes.
    Last season Keogh would have run with the ball forward he did not yesterday as far as I can remember. . It was crying out for him to do that but it was heavy uncontrolled way ward passing.
    I take home after a 24hr round trip that its a work in progress. We needed a big shake up and we have got it. I am happy with Frank building a team and looking at this long term.

    I do believe chrissy Martin would be a better option than wags

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    Re: Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

    Post by valakari on Sun 19 Aug 2018, 12:01 pm

    Ere ere..bring back Coldplay

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    Re: Millwall 2-1 Derby reports and comments

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