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    MOTM  Empty MOTM

    Post by bramhallram on Thu 04 Oct 2018, 8:54 am

    I know it's early days, but should we be concerned that two of the top three players in the MOTM league table are loan players ? In fact it's three of the top four if you count Wilson.

    Shouldn't we be seeing more of an impact from our 'own' players ?



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    MOTM  Empty Re: MOTM

    Post by MadAmster on Thu 04 Oct 2018, 9:34 am

    My take on last night is that the 3 or 4 best performances last night were from "our own".

    I thought Wilson was back to being average at best. Mount played well but not to the standard he has set for himself since his arrival. For Tomori, read the Mount comments and he lost his man for their goal.

    Carson did nothing wrong. Bogle had a good un but, like Mount, not as good as he has been. Keogh, depsite a couple of loose balls between 70 and 80 minutes had an excellent game. Malone had a good game. He and Fozzy will be having a huge scrap for that LB berth all season. BJ had a good game. Bryson was excellent. Nuge was Nuge and that early doors volley was excellent. Bennett was less involved than normal in an attacking sense but how often was he back defending in the final third because Bogle was up in the attacking third?

    My MOTM choice from the Norwich game will be one of our own.

    Personally I don't think we should worry too much about the current state of MOTM affairs though Bram, the 3 loanees are class although it should be noted that Wilson picked up his 13 votes in the Man U game. Our "own" players have picked up, in the main, votes here and votes there.

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