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    Michael Johnson talks about being Guyana manager


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    Michael Johnson talks about being Guyana manager

    Post by RRC on Fri 12 Oct 2018, 4:03 pm

    Former Derby defender Michael Johnson is dreaming of taking Guyana to the Gold Cup with
    his old club's help. Adam Bate went to meet him to find out why that dream might just
    become a reality...

    Michael Johnson was on the coach on the way back from Derby's away game against Wolves
    in April when he got the call that would change his career. "It was a complete curve-ball," he
    tells Sky Sports. "I thought it was a wind-up, I really did." Guyana wanted him to be their
    next manager with the ultimate goal of getting the country to the 2026 World Cup.

    The former Rams defender was working in an ambassadorial role with his old club at the
    time. He remains a popular figure at Pride Park, working with the community trust and
    visiting hospitals and schools. Meeting Johnson in his executive box at the stadium, it's easy
    to see why he was reluctant to give this up for the precarious world of management.

    Thanks to the intervention of Derby legend Roy McFarland and, in particular, the support of
    the club's owner Mel Morris, he has not had to. "I spoke to Roy and he told me that I had
    worked hard to develop a good relationship with the club after leaving," says Johnson. "Did I
    really want to disturb that? I figured he was right and I'd stick with my ambassador role.

    "But he also spoke to Mel. I got a call later that evening from the owner asking me what I
    was playing at. I was on the defensive and told him I was not leaving. I was very apologetic
    but he told me to do it. Mel said that I would not be able to live with myself if I turned down
    the opportunity to help a nation. I am indebted to Roy for following it up with Mel."

    read the rest at Sky Sports

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    Re: Michael Johnson talks about being Guyana manager

    Post by Stockport Ram on Sat 13 Oct 2018, 12:52 am

    There's every chance that Mel is cleverererer than the sum of Jody and Lee put together.

    I still blame him for the last minute loss at Sunderland, but then again I am a bitter man...

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