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    Millwall in trouble. Again.


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    Millwall in trouble. Again. Empty Millwall in trouble. Again.

    Post by bramhallram on Mon 28 Jan 2019, 5:04 pm

    After the latest predictable trouble at the weekend Millwall CEO Steve Kavanagh was quick to try to shift the blame reassure visiting fans about their safety at future games.

    "If you think you can come to Millwall and chant racism, no you can't. This is a safe place to come," he said.

    "We're being damaged by 30-40 people. We haven't won this. No one has won. But this isn't just a Millwall problem."

    The thing is it's always been a Millwall problem, and it's been going on for at least thirty years to my certain knowledge. Ask ex-Rams Paul Williams and Gary Charles about their first hand experience of playing in front of the crowd at Millwall.

    If Mr Kavanagh is serious about fixing the problem of racist chanting at Millwall he could do it in an instant. Everyone in that part of the ground will know who the troublemakers are, or at least where they sit, so put a couple of policemen in that part of the crowd and tell them to watch, listen and then take appropriate action.

    It won't happen, of course, because none of the cheeky cockney rascals wants to be a grass. It could have nasty repercussions.

    Mitten State Ram
    Mitten State Ram

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    Millwall in trouble. Again. Empty Re: Millwall in trouble. Again.

    Post by Mitten State Ram on Mon 28 Jan 2019, 11:46 pm

    Just another reason to cheer for the Crazy Gang 2.0 in round 5. If I couldn't cheer for Derby, AFC Wimbledon are the only other club I'd even think of supporting. Come on, Dons.

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