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    The daily Damned Rams Brain Trust Trivia quiz


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    Re: The daily Damned Rams Brain Trust Trivia quiz

    Post by Bedlam on Sun 29 Jan 2012, 6:47 pm

    Li 150 wrote:mmmm.... just looked at it maybe to do the quizes online will cost 40 dollars a year.
    Alternative is to do a google docs quiz, you can do them under the forms section & even embed it on that sounds exciting

    or here
    all looks very taxing for a person with no sense of humour and a very small brain. Do we want to change the quiz or are the regulars happy with it as it is?

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    Re: The daily Damned Rams Brain Trust Trivia quiz

    Post by Mucker1884 on Sun 29 Jan 2012, 8:34 pm

    Bedlam wrote:
    Mucker1884 wrote:I thought I'd try and get in the habit of playing again, but can't get in!

    Have my details been omitted?

    Have I got to re-register or something?

    It's saying that my username doesn't exist, yet according to the email at the start of the month, it must do?

    I take it from the above that summat has kicked off?


    I had a big clearout a few weeks ago so if you hadn't played for ages you will need to re register, shouldn't be a problem.

    okey dokey, fairy nuff. Thumbs up

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