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    Hope this is helpful.


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    Hope this is helpful. Empty Hope this is helpful.

    Post by MadAmster Mon 04 May 2020, 10:58 am

    They say that a majority of Corona patients are overweight. If any of you are, like me, not overweight but 6 inches too short, it may not be "your fault". What ICU doctors in Holland have discovered is that many of them have a surfeit of leptin.

    Leptin is also called the satiety hormone: the main function is to tell your brain that you have eaten enough. If that goes well, then the rest of your body will also receive the message that you are no longer hungry.

    Leptin is produced in the fat cells. In theory, this creates a handy balance: the more fat you have, the more leptin you produce, and the less you have to eat. This way your body can prevent you from becoming overweight. In practice, however, this balance only works to a certain point. When you gain weight, leptin becomes a problem instead of a solution!

    Due to excess Leptin your brain starts to ignore the signal and you become Lestin resistant. You keep on eating and feel peckish again shortly after eating.

    If you recognise this then you are possiblt lestin resistant.

    No need to worry though. A dietary supplement with resveratrol can be supportive and help reduce Leptin levels (a natural substance found in blue grapes and the Japanese knotweed roots). Resveratrol is a strong anti-oxidant, which also has a repellent effect against inflammation and cancer cells.

    They are currenly testing this. Resveratrol to reduce leptin resistance, which then gets the brain to once more recognise the "I'm full" signals and you eat less and lose weight and thereby appear to be better able to fight CV-19.

    Another CV-19 issue is that it seems to thicken the blood and cause clotting (thrombosis) to the point where, in NL, the levels of bloodthinners to CV-19 patients has been doubled. This has seen renal failure occur in more than 25% of CV-19 patients in the ICU. Those who already take bloodthinners for an underlying condition or take Aspirin on a regular basis are far less likely to suffer from CV-19 related thrombosis. I am on blood thinners so should be OK on that front, however, before any of you decide to start taking Aspirin on a daily basis I strongly advise you to talk to your GP about this first.

    Hopefully stuff to ponder on and investigate further. This brought to you for no other reason than that it might be useful and helpful to some of you.

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