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    Watfordian woes


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    Watfordian woes Empty Watfordian woes

    Post by MadAmster Sat 20 Feb 2021, 8:54 am

    Firstly, how nice it was to watch a game of football. 2 sides playing, manily, with the ball on the floor and passing their way up the pitch. Unfortunately they were better at it than we were but, still, it was rather more cultured than what we've seen of late, especially from our 2 or 3 most recent oppponents who seemed intenton  frightenng the ball to death.

    1st goal Shinnie over committed, missed both man and ball and was on the deck and Knight couldn't get back quickly enough to cover when the Watford man went for the return, Sarr (who is frighteningly fast) left Lee for dead and the Wis, rather than put his foot through the ball, merely diverted it onto a Watford leg and it (the ball, not the leg) hit the back of the net. Nowt Marshy could do. 2nd from a corner, we dont clear it, it comes back to Will who put it away, calm as you like.

    What was the ref thinking, disallowing Kazim's goal? Wis was held in a bear hug and couldn't move  keeper half heartedly goes for the ball, gets nowhere near it and collides with the bear hugged Wis and then Kaz nodded it home. I suppose,  technically,  Wis was preventing the keeper getting to the ball but Wis was being held which was the 1st offence so a penalty to us or just play on and it's a goal. That's 2-1 and game on. Bloody ref  Wink As it was we got yet another own goal. Good cross from Byrne (who also hit the bar from a corner later, a corner at which Wis was in another bear hug.... another penalty not given) put into the net by a defender. Not enough for a point though.

    I suppose it balances out Wycombe's "offside" goal from Tuesday.

    Nul points. So be it. A minimum of 4 required from next week's outings. Huddersfield may well be another more "agricultural" affair and the Red Dogs... well, we'll play them off the park again and this time the ref will get his decisions right and we'll give em a whuppin'.

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    Watfordian woes Empty Re: Watfordian woes

    Post by DavesaRam Sat 20 Feb 2021, 12:38 pm

    We got the points I was expecting, along with us playing something like I expected us to when faced with a football team. Re the disallowed goal: a harsh decision, but if you look at the lead up to it, Wisdom was actually trying to push into the keeper, and the defender was standing between them, stopping Wizzy's efforts. The fact that he was stationary when the keeper collided with him was by circumstance, not intention. But given how our own defence is hamstrung by the same tactics virtually very game makes it an annoying decision. In addition, for every corner after that, the defender was bear-hugging Wisdom, so we should have had at least one penalty. But if the defender didn't do it, Wizzy would without doubt impede the keeper. So what is right? What is fair? You have often said, Ammy, that all it needs is for the ref to dish out a load of cards for fouls in the area at corners and free-kicks and things would change.

    A major problem is the Derby reverted to "the Derby Way" of a few months ago by simply not doing any pressing at all. We gave Watford acres of space to ply their trade, which they are good at even before they are given the freedom of the pitch. By contrast every time we had the ball, especially at the b ack, Watford players homed in on us and made us work hard to do any sort of build up play. I thin Rooney has said that we gave them too much respect in the first half, and that we dominated the second half. I am not sure which second half that was - we played better, and made a few chances, but we didn't dominate them.

    It is likely that if our first half goal had stood, Watford wouldn't have spent the match from then on sitting back and containing us, but pressed on for a third. Because in the end, no matter how well we did, Watford were just that bit better. When we attacked, even as we went forwards they knew exactly which way to turn their bodies to make us turn the way they wanted us to - away from any threatening position, and our real ascendency only really came once the blond boy went off.

    Like many I am perplexed at how Waghorn keeps getting picked for the starting line up - his contribution has been erratic at best. His recently discovered prowess at corners had evaporated again last night, and his free-kick speciality seems to be associated with balloons and "over the bar" type phrases. He was very poor last night, and if Sibley has got to play better to get on the pitch, just how bad is he compared with Waggy? Sibley is only being brought on for the last 10 minutes in the match, and although some substitutions seem inspired, and have an immediate impact, it is much more normal for a player to have to get up to the speed of the match, for say 10 minutes before achieving much.

    All I am saying

    is give him a chance!

    Yes I know he went in with a trademark rash challenge last night, but that is likely because he is trying so hard, and feels burdened to prove himself, and therefore over-tries. Like Joswaick, he needs a good run of starts, and not being subbed until well into the second half. And regarding wingers, I would like to see Roberts and Joswiack doing the wide man's work. Roberts needs someone to waft a cup of black coffee under his nose as a wake up call, because although he is very tricky with the ball and will take his man on, he is very easy to defend against because he is virtually always looking to cut inside, usually just before he gets to the corner of the box, sometimes before. And when he does go to the by-line, he then thinks he is capable of taking the entire defence on single handedly, instead of getting an early cross in. Joswaick has a similar weak end product, but he isn't a one-trick winger, and doesn't give any clues as to which way he is going to turn. And he does bust a gut to defend.

    There was plenty to be pleased with last night. Watford have a load of Premier League standard players - not necessarily the best, but certainly well ahead of EFL standard, and to only lose 2-1 after the way those 2 goals went in is pleasing.
    New England Ram
    New England Ram

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    Watfordian woes Empty Re: Watfordian woes

    Post by New England Ram Sun 21 Feb 2021, 12:41 am

    Thought Roberts was poor for want of another word he was windy did not fancy the physical aspect of the game and cost us the second goal imo did not want to put his foot or body where it hurts. Thought he looked lazy when out of possession or when he had just lost it. I said prior to the game I was frustrated by Jozwiak in the final third but feared we might miss his contribution of ratting to get the ball back and I think we did. Not writing Roberts off by any means but we need a lot more than what he showed last night. Waggy..well Waggy had two crossing opportunities one in each half. On both occasions he had so much space and time to set himself and look up and twice he put the ball on the fast lane of the M1. Not good enough . Figured after 20 minutes we might leak 5 goals but in the end I thought we battled enough to earn our chance to tie it up in the last few minutes .

    Watfordian woes Nersig10
    Loughborough Ram
    Loughborough Ram

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    Watfordian woes Empty Re: Watfordian woes

    Post by Loughborough Ram Sun 21 Feb 2021, 10:14 am

    My thoughts exactly on Roberts NER. He made Tom Ince look like Mike Tyson.

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    Watfordian woes Empty Re: Watfordian woes

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