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    Oops He's Done It Again Again


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    Oops He's Done It Again Again Empty Oops He's Done It Again Again

    Post by DavesaRam Mon 05 Apr 2021, 9:30 pm

    How frustrating was that? And it is the same old, same old.

    Yet again we have demonstrated that when we actually put out an attacking line up, we get benefits. We have demonstrated that when we put players in their best positions, we get the benefits. And we have demonstrated that when we close the opposition down we get the benefits. So today we go back to loading the team up with non-attacking players, we put players out of position, and we don't bother to press and harry the opposition. So what we demonstrated today was that none of that works.

    Sometimes, and today was just such an occasion, you can watch a passage of play and know that a goal is coming. That happened for Reading's first goal. And you could tell from the team sheet, with Joswiack on the bench, that Sibley would be one of the first to get substituted. It was as plain as day! The poor sod If an offer comes in for him, if I were him I would grab it with both hands because he might end up at a side where they knew his best position AND ACTUALLY PLAY HIM THERE.

    Today was a great opportunity to play to our strengths and let Reading worry about what we can do. Instead we set up defensively, albeit a decision probably coloured by injuries to Clarke and Edmundsen. But why was Knight at the No 10 position? It isn't his position. Besides, he needs a longer break than just one match. So Sibley was out on the right wing, which is marginally better than out on the left wing, but without the creativity amongst the midfield/strikers for him to play to. So he was isolated for much of the match. Come on Wayne, use your brain!

    And to the ref! Call yourself Premier League? He let the game get away from him almost instantly, with 3 off the ball clatterings of Derby players in the first two minutes, and the ref just carried on wandering around with a grin on his face. Then Sibley is clearly fouled three times within 10 minutes right in front of the ref and the lino but nothing given at all. He clamped down on Shinnie though! Ad at one point, after the third foul on Sibbers, the ref decided he needed to have words with both Sibley and Shinnie, who were obviously asking the officials for just a modicum of protection. The conversation ended with Shinnie quite strongly pointing to positions all over the pitch where there had been clear fouls and nothing was given. And as ever by contrast Derby players barely had to threaten to tackle and a free kick is given. And just before Stratton went off injured, we were playing out of defence right on our area when a Reading player took a swipe, I think at Bird, who skipped away so the nasty follow through from the Reading player took another of our players out. I didn't see who because the camera panned away, but he was still down when the ball came back to our area again. Yet more poor officiating.

    He did us a favour with Reading's first penalty shout though. It seemed pretty clear to me. As was the two-handed push on Sibley in their area which he didn't give. Why would he? It was Sibley, and the foul was by Reading in their area. It was more likely one of those "evening things up after getting the Reading penalty wrong. Their second shout should have been a yellow card for diving.

    To go a gaol down to Readings first shot at goal was very frustrating, and sort of unlucky, although better defending would have helped. Their second goal was again poor defending, this time Saviour Tom didn't save us. The ref was poor, yet another one, and Reading were actually surprisingly dirty, even reminding me of Dirty Leeds at their darkest, but in the end it was our tactics and formation which cost us the game. Not playing Sibley at his Number 10 position was an error. If he was ineffective, then by all means sub him, but not after he has been hung out to dry. What fi we had played Tom and Kamil on the wings, with Sibley in the middle? Who knows what might have come from it. And who knows what would have happened if we stopped giving Reading the freedom of the park, and pressed them? But why do any of those when we know they work?

    So on we march/stagger/limp to next Saturday. Oh dear.

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