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    As Late as a Rooney Tactical Change


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    As Late as a Rooney Tactical Change Empty As Late as a Rooney Tactical Change

    Post by DavesaRam Sun 25 Apr 2021, 12:53 pm

    Just got back from my pitch-side seat in Amsterdam. Traffic was pretty light as it turns out. Still. Sorry I was a bit late.

    What got me was the determination to stick to the wrong tactics for as long as possible. He did what he always does and changed the team again, this time to try and match Birmingham's long ball game. To be fair we made a good go at it for the first half, and the only bit of football on the ground led to the goal. Funny that. But it was almost as if nobody noticed.

    There was a danger that we would sit back in the second half and defend our massive one goal lead, but we actually started with a belter of a shot just over the bar. Wow! Then it became apparent that someone had noticed the silky bit of skill to produce the goal, and made a double change. Suddenly Birmingham added football to their game plan, and quickly go on top, effectively for the rest of the match. They still maintained their thug mentality at the same time, though! So when a high ball fell to one of our defenders or midfielders, we simply headed up it big and high, straight back to a Birmingham player. This went on all match. Noy once did we think of bringing the football down and playing football with it. Just head it. Somewhere.

    Our response was to carry on playing them at their own game, which they were no longer playing, apart from on occasion. But at least our insistence on zonal marking paid off, because zonal failed to get on the scoresheet yet again! Well done, Clarke, Edmundsen et al!

    I had my suspicions with some twenty minutes to go that Rooney would finally make some key changes at 85 minutes. He did, but actually went early with Bird and Sibley coming on wit maybe 15 minutes to go. Wow! Yet we were still playing long ball. And then came the masterstroke and on came three forwards. What do we need those for? We are only losing 2-1 and there's at least 4 minutes to go. Good grief. And yes, we were still playing long balls up to CKR who was no longer on the pitch.

    The referee was adequate, by recent standards. He was particularly hot on 50/50 incidents, and did well with most of them. But did nothing to stop the thug football which Birmingham own several patents on - the shirt pull on Byrne (?) was a definite card, as were the two clatterings, on Tom and Kamil just outside the area - we only got the second free-kick because he couldn't blind-eye two horror tackles. And just after Birmingham had hit the post we were about to break away with Waghorn who was completely taken out, and warranted at least a yellow, if not a red because it was a clear breakaway. Stupid of the visitors, really. it was Waghorn, about to embark on a one-on-one with the keeper. He has already scored one this season, so was never likely to threaten, They should have just let him go! Most on here are wondering what I am blathering on about, but just as the foul happened, the produced switched back to the post hit, and just like the match officials, nothing was done about it. In reality Birmingham could have been down to 10 men or less if all the cynical, "professional" fouls had been treated properly.

    But yet again, crap refereeing made no difference to the result whatsoever, because we took that honour out of his hands, yet again. If, instead of trying to match the experts at their own game, we had concentrated on our own game, we might have never ended up in this predicament. We should have started with at least a smattering of attacking payers in the team, instead of stifling the hell out any creativity and flair until it was too late.

    The almost complete lack of goal celebration was quite significant. Although what it tells us about the mood within the camp isn't clear - apart from that all is not well.

    I nearly offered my services to increase our goal threat last week, but at 64 and only 5'5" I was hampered from not having my own boots. I am still wondering about offering to be consultant to Stevie Mac - sort of Wayne Rooney's consultant consultant. I know I am only a humble hgv driver,, but like many on here, I can see what needs to be done, even thought those paid millions to make those decisions seem incapable of seeing. Just a half mill would do. How about it, Mel?

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